Thursday, July 14, 2011

Floorplans! Finally! Kinda!

So I haven't written for a couple of weeks... I apologize profusely.  But you see, we were in Buffalo for a week for Courtney's wedding, and then we spent the last week waiting for Mohamed to finish up with the plans.  Happily, I got them today from Rory, so now we can change them!  (It does seem we can never quite agree with what's handed back to us...)  Things are mostly right, but there are a few things we still need to change on the plans, like the placement of the HVAC closet on the ground floor and the line of the bedroom wall on the main floor.  Little stuff, really.

The moment Abby gets new house info, she pores over it, generally forgetting things like her children, or good conversations skills... (Love ya, Abby!)
So with no further ado, I present to you the current plans!  So many of you had mentioned it was pretty hard to get a handle on what I was describing just through words and pictures of what was existing, so this should help you out.  Just know that there will be tweaks here and there, and then (hopefully soon) a lot of finger-crossing when it gets sent out to the good folks at Maryland Historic Trust.  (I love those people.  I should bake them some cookies.  Did I mention I was a History minor in college?  No?  Well doesn't that bring us together as more of a family than just plan old applicants and deciderers?  I think it does!  Love, Gregory)

Fun part about all of this is the extension of overall stats from how it is now.  The addition under the porch will add nearly 250 square feet to the house, and it'll be pushed up from 1 1/2 baths to 2 full baths, not to mention four bedrooms.  (The fourth bedroom is labeled as "storage" on this plan, but rest assured, guests, you will not be "stored," you will be "accommodated.")

We'll go back and forth with Rory and Mohamed over the next few days for sure, and hopefully I can get revised plans up here as soon as possible.  Until then, enjoy!


  1. I have an idea, though you may have already considered it. The placement of the stove. Why not near the windows? You could get one of those cool free-hanging range hoods (like this: ) which shouldn't look too awful partially blocking a window; or maybe make the window it's by frosted instead of clear? Then you could get more wall cabinets where the stove would be, and still maintain a proper kitchen work triangle.

  2. Hmm... That's definitely worth a look. Would like the idea moving the range from the interior wall to around the windows would allow us to have a full-sized pantry where the range was, and don't have an issue with those hoods (which are really nice) up on a window. My only issue is that there are window everywhere, including at the end of the row where the range is currently placed. I don't want to block a window with cupboards, so the part against the window would almost necessarily be countertop. Awkward... But definitely worth a look. Thanks!