Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Baby Steps

Dropped by the house for the first time as the owners today, and showed the place off to Laura, Brian, and Katie Stewart, who drove all the way down from Buffalo to see it (and us).  Accomplished a few picture-worthy things:

  1. We took down the For Sale sign.  I would've liked to have a "SOLD" sign up for a while, but this'll do!
  2. Abby took a hammer to a couple of walls she wanted to see behind.  (Rory had said it was okay.)  Good results: the wall we want to remove completely in the living room has a beautiful continuation of the ceiling behind it; the kitchen ceiling has the wood indicative of the porch roof it used to be, which is likely okay to remove. (Fingers crossed.)
  3. We got the keys!  No more lockbox access for us.  Feels like home already...

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