Monday, June 6, 2011

Good communication

Looks like everyone we're dealing with is on the same page as us communications-wise, which is great.  I love it when you email someone a question and you get a reply within the hour.  Our realtor, Arial, was that way.  Our finance guy, Scott, was that way.  Our general contractor, Rory, is that way.  And this morning I found out that the Montgomery County Planning Commission is that way too.  Three different people, three email chains, immediate response.  Hooray for Amy, Renee, and (a different) Scott!

An archive photo of Leo & Theo in their rightful place,
where they will return once Save Our Seminary refurbishes them.
Theo in our living room, where he and Leo currently  reside.
And here's what we were able to accomplish: we have back-to-back meetings with Montgomery County and our architect on Wednesday morning, and we're working with Bonnie at Save Our Seminary to get our resident lions out of the way.  Movement!  (Both literal and figurative...)

Oh, and amazingly, Courtney told Abby tonight that she wanted to see the inside of the house, since she's only seen the outside.  Courtney (my sister) is not the fixer-upper kind of person.  Her place is a brand-spankin'-new condo in Gainesville-- so new that it took more than a year after she moved in for the street to appear on Google Maps.  (Props to Google Maps' good communication too, by the way: our street was on the satellite image, but it wasn't labeled.  One email to the good map guys in Silicon Valley and *poof* Dewitt Drive is on the map.  Hooray for Sergei Brin!)

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