Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodbye Lions!

Received word today that Leo and Theo, the lions that have resided in our living room for a while now, are going to be moved tomorrow to their rightful places astride the pathway leading down into Forest Glen from DeWitt Circle.  New pediments will be built for them, and they will eventually be restored.  Found this out via the neighborhood listserve, which has actually proven to be pretty interesting, if you don't count people complaining about their refrigerators... (what does that have to do with anything?)  Anyhow, we're hoping we can make good use of the lions no longer being in the house, because today, hopefully, a decision was made about our application.  I say "hopefully" because the board meeting was scheduled, and as far as I know, not interrupted by an earthquake like the last one was.  I sent an overly pleasant email note to Amy and Renee with MHT, asking them whether I should have a celebretory or a consolatory drink tonight, seeing as I am currently on a business trip in the hometown of Tequila, but didn't get a response.  Who knows what that means?  Could be they were so excited talking about my house at the meeting that they didn't get back to work in time to check emails.  Or could be that they didn't want to tell me the super-awesome news without the sound of a marching band in the background.  Or could be the application continued to be conentious, and we'll have to wait another 45 days.  If that happens, I might just have a few more of those local concoctions than I had planned.

But in the meantime, at least the lions are leaving.  That's progress.  Right?


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