Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Non-Response Response

As you can see, we have received an answer -- albeit a cryptic one -- from the Maryland Historical Trust:

From me to MHT, Tuesday 10/4, 4:06pm:

"Hi ladies!  Just me being a pest again.  Any word on anything?  Wanting to know whether my margarita tonight should be celebratory or consolatory...  --G

PS- Lions are being moved tomorrow!"

From MHT to me, Wednesday 10/5, 5:40pm:

"Hi Gregory [changed from "Greg," since my name is not "Greg..."]

Congratulations on having two less lions in the house!  Now you only have your two instead of the four :p, although I guess yours are more "cubs."  Anyways, yes the application was reviewed at the Easement Committee meeting and there was no ground shaking this time, always an improvement.  You will receive a letter from the Director in approximately two weeks.  Until then, go out and have a drink :) and enjoy your time in Mexico!  Thanks, Amy"

From me to MHT, Wednesday 10/5, 6:01pm:

"Come on, you're killing me with the suspense!  Should the drink be celebratory?  Should I have it but hold the salt?  Oh, the metaphors I could continue to use!"

From me to my blog, Wednesday 10/5, 10:28pm:


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