Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deer, Floors, and Gray Walls

Abby spent most of the day at the house painting today-- about 10 hours total-- while I stayed home with the kids.  And while she got a lot done, including amending the drab Buttercup paint job in the guest room from last weekend with plain-old white that looks a lot better, and putting a fantastic gray color on the walls in the downstairs bathroom, the most post-worthy item was actually out the window.  That's where a few of our new neighbors were putting on a show, eating from the low-hanging branches of our century-old yew trees in the yard.  (The video was shot from our family room window.)  Sure, there are pics below of the new colors on the walls, and of our fantastic floors that are more than half finished, but come on: I know you all want to see deer on their hind legs! So, without further ado:

As for actual house-related stuff...

Words cannot express how seeing this picture
made me look forward to going to the house tomorrow.
This is the view from the front foyer into the Great Room.

The downstairs bathroom, now with some gray walls.  Love it!

More gray walls.  The vanity will go across the midsection
of this wall, with a mirror and two sconces above.

The toilet will be right at this corner.
This shot gives a great view of the different shades of
green and gray in the downstairs bathroom.
Note: the wall color is the same on both sides
of the corner; it just looks different because of shadowing.

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