Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color Me Happy

Big house news today: Our new exterior paint colors were approved by MHT this morning, and we received word from Rory that they've started removing the old exterior paint this afternoon.  Apparently the removal process should take about a week, "unless we uncover some additional rotted areas."  So hopefully that won't happen, because by mid-May we could have a new-looking-from-the-outside house!

Thanks to those of you who put in your two cents about the paint colors.  For those of you who chose the green in the center, you chose correctly!  Our color palette (spelled very incorrectly the other day as "palate," no idea why...) is set to be as follows: (Hopefully, you'll be able to see the colors I've attached below.)

Tadpole Green will be the main color of the outside of the house,
replacing that terrible salmon color.
Olive Leaf will be on the four columns out front,
as well as encircling each window.
Black Suede will be on the windows, both inside and out. 
Moon Rise will be on the window sills, as well as on miscellaneous architectural features like that frieze (is that what you’d call it?) on the street side under the bedroom windows left over from when there was a sleeping porch.
Grenadine will be on the front and back doors only. 

Also, before I go, big thanks to Kellee James, a neighbor-to-be, who offered us free excess insulation she had laying around from her home's construction.  Yay for nice neighbors, and yay for free stuff!

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