Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evergreen? Nevergreen?

Our next challenge is picking colors.  Mark called us this week and said he'd like to know the exterior colors we want in the next little bit.  (Exciting, because that means painting is pretty much upon us, which will dramatically alter the house.) We went to Home Depot last night and Abby promptly showed me the disappointing palate.  She had told me we were going to have a bunch of colors on the house, but the main one would be pale green.  Fine with me, because I'm a colors guy.  So imagine my surprise when she shows me the color she wants: Gray.  Okay, so it's called Fungus or Mossy Toe Jam or something, but it's basically Gray.  I'm not amused.  Lola has to pee, so Abby tells me to look through the paint chips and pick out what I'd pick, if I had my druthers.  So I set to work, and pick out a nice palate... that she tells me looks just a bit like camping.  Having a house sided with cedar shingles means anything that looks like camping is really gonna look like camping, so we have to avoid that.  Okay, back to the drawing board.  I pick something else out, look at the palate, and it doesn't look like camping as much as it looks like army fatigues.  Well, mine looks like Vietnam army fatigues, and hers looks like the ugly modern ones, so I guess we're both stuck.

We agreed on all the trim colors, but are still not seeing eye to eye on the main color of the house.  She wants a cooler color, I want a warmer one; I feel that if a house is "green" it should actually look "green."  Okay, I don't need Astro Turf Green or Shamrock Shakes or anything, but I'd at least like to tell from 20 paces what color the wall in front of me is!  So we pick three colors we can somewhat agree on, have them make tiny sample buckets for us, and this morning Abby and Lola trekked out to paint squares on the side of the house.  Apparently they got so many passersby to remark on the colors that, when we drove out after I got off of work (and after I had asked her not to tell me which ones she liked, so I could make my own decision) she was so excited that every other breath was something else about the darn colors.  

Finally we get out there, and here's what I see:

Three blocks of color on the house, and one on the pillar.  The dark green on the pillar is what we agreed on.  It will only be on the pillars, and that's it.  One of the other three will go almost everywhere else on the house, except for the windows and the doors.  The differences are really subtle, and in fact are made more distinct only by the camera.  It's like one's color #760, one's #770, and one's #780; not a huge difference, but enough to make a difference when it's painted over a whole house. 

So?  Thoughts?  We have our mind made up, but I figured I'd hear what you all have to say before I give the answer.  If you'd like another, closer shot, here you go, this time with flash after it got dark:

Anyhow, I'll give you all the colors tomorrow... because we think we did make a decision-- we just want to sleep on it.  In the meantime, here are a few more pics of progress that's been made since our last visit a few days ago.
Working on the windows in our bedroom, with the kitchen in the background.

Our bedroom windows are in!  Several had been broken by vandalism before we bought,
which is why not all the panes are in.

Isaac in the back of the house.  Bedroom windows (top left) are new,
as are the frames for the kitchen windows (top right).
We ate dinner at the property, having brought a bunch of leftovers with us and eating out on patio furniture Abby thinks is communal but I have a strong suspicion actually belongs to someone.  No matter-- we cleaned up after ourselves.  Then we noticed people poking their heads into the house, so we went over to say hi and show them around.  It's one of the "bothers" of owning the place-- everyone wants to see inside!  I actually really like it, and I love that so many of our neighbors feel free enough to poke around.  Love the idea of people watching out for each other.  We met some great neighbors, who own the Victorian at the edge of the campus-- a beautiful place that's featured in some of the videos because it was one of the first to be completely renovated.  Looking more and more forward to the move... whenever it is...


  1. Hi there, enjoying your blog. I'm one of your neighbors in the town homes and was wondering if you'd have any need for brand-new, unopened cement fiber insulation? Some was left from building our home and I wanted to donate it to someone who would use it.....

    Kellee James
    (in the Tudor style town homes on Hume)

    1. Kellee: Just spoke with my contractors and they said they’d definitely be able to use your stuff when doing our basement. Thanks so much for the offer! When would be a good time to come by and get it? My contractors will be at the house Friday, and we might be by at other times in the next week. Just let me know and we can definitely come get anything you want to get rid of.

    2. Okay, great. Happy that its going to a good cause! I work from home on Fridays, so I'll be here.

      I'm at 2601 Hume Drive, the buff/brown town homes closest to the Army warehouse.

      I'm sorry its only one bag of the insulation, wish it were more, but every little bit helps, I suppose!

    3. Awesome! I will forward your information to our contractor. His name is Rory, and he's a really nice guy. Thanks again, and hey, one bag's better than nothing, right? :)

  2. Cool, we dropped off the bag on Saturday (left it on the porch and I think Rory moved it already). Cheers!

    1. Yep-- he got it. Thanks much, and I look forward to meeting you some day soon, neighbor!