Monday, April 16, 2012

Drop It Like It's Hot

Yep, I'm starting by quoting Snoop Dogg.  And I'm going to finish by misquoting Rihanna.

Seems like Travelers Insurance feels our house is not part of their overall business strategy, and they've given us 45 days to find other coverage, dropping us like we're hot.  I guess the fact that we have three policies with them, have never missed a payment, and were likely to stay with them for a long time forward really has no bearing on anything... so for those of you who believe the commercials that make companies seem like they're all about finding what's best for both themselves and the customer?  Well, you all should know better than that, especially after the last several years!

My favorite part is that Travelers looks forward to servicing our other policies well into the future.  Really?  You send us a letter telling us we're no good for you, and you look forward to servicing us?  I'm thinking it's a different kind of servicing you'll be doing... but this is a family blog.  Ish.

Needless to say, the call has already gone out to shop all of our insurance needs elsewhere.  So if any of you represent companies that would like to have two homeowners' policies and an auto policy for two good drivers with excellent credit, we're accepting all comers.  *Fume*

...ella ...ella ...ella ...ella ...ella ...ella ...ella

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